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Indian Hills High School has launched an online newspaper for the school community,, but there are news articles that break beyond borders and hold appeal for the greater community.

One interesting feature is the Braves Music Sessions. This ongoing feature, intended to promote the accomplishments of local high school bands, combines a number of elements that highlight the students’ skills.

The first article in this series covers the band known as PDA, and offers readers a brief history of the band members, their musical influences, and of course the origins for the band’s name - PDA.

The band’s music, while building on a variety of different influences referenced in the article, is rooted in rock’n roll and will appeal to a wide range of demographics and age groups. The article’s detailing of the various musical influences of PDA also gives readers a chance to explore other artists - especially the older rock generation that lacks the time to continually explore and discover music.

In addition to the reporting, also has the Braves Music Session Crew which went out to video tape the garage band playing in a member’s basement. The production of the video does righteous justice to PDA’s music with a level of filming and editing that rises to a professional level.

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Ben Folds

Meg White/ White Stripes



Editors note: The Weezer video is not necessarily reflective of their overall style; but for the older crowd, it’s pretty clever, and the band is having fun playing with your memories.

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