Chris Christie Resigns

Christie and Spitzer meet

Outgoing U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie had a recent dinner interrupted by questions from the press. After announcing his resignation, Christie was meeting with former NY Attorney General Elliott Spitzer to discuss possible job opportunities in the private sector for grandstanding, self-righteous former prosecutors. The two were meeting at an upscale Manhattan restaurant well known for its pasta puttanesca.

Christie has been reviewing his options with regards to private sector or public service, with many believing he will be making a run for the governorship in New Jersey. His impressive courtroom victories have garnered a lot of media attention in New jersey where Christie succeeded in winning numerous convictions against corrupt officials. His detractors discount his accomplishments by noting that convicting corrupt officials in New Jersey is like shooting fish in a barrel. One former official, interviewed from prison, explained, “You can’t swing a dead cat in this state without hitting one of us. ”

Others wonder if Christie has the demeanor to hold the governor’s office. During his tenure as attorney general, Christie had a habit of grandstanding and acting the role of diva. Normally attired in a business suit, Christie appears in this photo to be letting his hair down and fully embracing his diva persona. Although many law firms have instituted more casual dress for attorneys, it’s not known if his attire here indicates that he had already decided to run for governor of New Jersey.

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